If someone asked you what style of home décor you have, would you be able to answer them? Sometimes we hear the terms but aren’t quite sure what they mean. Or we might not be sure how the style applies to the design of certain items, like kitchen cabinets. We’ll try and help you out a bit by giving some definition to four different styles, and how those terms relate when it comes to choosing the style of cabinets for your kitchen.

Traditional – A traditional style of kitchen cabinetry is likely to have rich tones such as cherry, oak and mahogany woods and stains. Generally, the cabinetry will have architectural accents such as crown molding along the tops of the cabinets, decorative shelving and decorative glass panels in the doors. The hardware will likely have a more elegant styling to it, to accent the casework.

Modern – Sleek smooth finishes, clean lines and solid colors are representative of a modern look. Stainless steel accents and hardware might be used in the modern kitchen. Bright lighting will be important for showing off the shine in a modern style kitchen. Square-edged laminate or sleek molded solid surface countertops would fit this style.

Contemporary – Think contrasts when you think contemporary. Bold accent colors, variation in textures and possibly door styles. A countertop that offsets the cabinetry but doesn’t make too bold of a statement. Faucets will match the current trends and fit with the newest light fixture finishes.

Country – You have a wide range in this area, from cottage to rustic, it all fits into this style category. Antiqued painted finishes with frosted glass hutch doors fit one end of the spectrum. Distressed knotted hickory stained cabinets could be on the other. Countertops could be granite or ceramic tile. Warm and comfortable is the feel you’ll get in a country style kitchen.

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