When building or remodeling your home, you will undoubtedly be looking at cabinets. While there are many cabinets that are ready to order, you want to make sure that the cabinets you buy will last. With cabinetry, quality is key, from the materials they are made from to the way they are built and designed. Quality is much more important than quantity, so choose wisely when shopping for your cabinets.

Rosehill WoodcraftersThree Quality Points to Look For
1) Quality in cabinets comes from the wood, the design and the hardware, along with superb craftsmanship that is needed to put them together. You can determine the quality of most cabinets by looking at a few areas.

2) The panels that make up a cabinet, drawer or shelf should be of high quality. You want flat panels to be made of one piece of wood, such as the drawer face or the cabinet flat door panels. Where joints meet on front panels, there should barely be a visible line, showing that the pieces are well-fitted and designed.

3) Drawers should have sides made of thick hardwood, with grooves to support the base. Make sure all joints are dovetailed within the drawers and should be fit well together. Side slide mounts are much higher quality than drawers with a single slide underneath.

Hardware is just as important as the cabinets that it is attached to. You want quality hinges, runners and handles. Shelf locks should be metal, not plastic. Ask whether the hardware is guaranteed.

If you are looking for quality, look no further than Rosehill Cabinetry. Rosehill custom designs their cabinets from the highest quality materials, going above and beyond to build cabinets that will last. They stand behind the quality of their cabinets, from design to hardware, with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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