One of the most common complaints from homeowners is the lack of closet space in their homes. A spacious, organized closet makes it easier to keep your clothing and accessories neatly stored, which is why closet renovations are such a popular home upgrade.

All too often, homeowners set out to design the closet of their dreams with misconceptions about the appropriate size and style. At first blush, bigger always seems better. Still, this may not always be the case. A well-organized, properly planned closet which makes efficient use of the available space may actually offer more storage than one with more square footage. Large closets can benefit from the addition of a center island, which provides functional storage rather than leaving a wide section of under-utilized floor area. Custom cabinetry can also increase the value and functionality of a large closet.

Master Suites
Walk-in closets for master suites are often more efficient when two smaller closets are built, rather than one large space. The additional wall area in two separate closets allows for ample hanging room, and can facilitate the addition of custom cabinetry or custom woodwork. Drawers, cabinets and other custom elements allow for neat, organized storage of accessories, shoes and undergarments.

Children’s Closets
Shelving additions in children’s closets should be adjustable, in order to accommodate the child’s growth. Dual rods for double hanging significantly increases the storage capacity of even small, reach-in closets and is almost always a more efficient use of space.

General Storage
Linen closets should include ventilated shelves to provide adequate air flow. Because items stored in linen closets tend to be used only occasionally, this ventilation will help to prevent a stale or musty odor. Laundry room closets and laundry storage should extend beyond the washer and dryer units, if space allows, to provide ample storage. Hanging rods are also suggested, to facilitate easy transfer of clean, hung laundry to the appropriate closet.

With custom cabinetry and custom woodwork, expanding the available storage space of even the smallest closets becomes a possibility.

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