Assessing Your Bathroom for Renovation

Thinking of ripping out the old bathroom? Tired of the dated fixtures and dingy tiles? Before you get too sledgehammer happy, take a breather and seriously consider what you’re dealing with. Your bathroom may have been designed with a function in mind that no longer suits you, which, esthetics aside, is probably at the root […]

Planning for a Home Theatre Cabinet

People are rarely happy with their home theatre or media cabinets. It’s special to find a piece of furniture that is as attactive as it is suitable. We often compromise on style and functionality to find something within our budgets. Before you go shopping, take stock of your media components: television, DVD player, digital box, […]

Preparation is The Key to Remodeling

The thought of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom causes most people to shake in their boots. But the experience doesn’t have to be daunting. If you do a good job of planning and researching before you start, you’ll save yourself a bunch of headaches along the way. Here are some useful planning tips and suggestions […]

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