Rosehill Cabinetry Is CKCA Certified: What This Means for You

Kitchen cabinets are a great home investment, especially when they’re of top quality. Rosehill Cabinetry is certified by the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association, which means they’ve been tested rigorously to ensure high quality and remarkable craftsmanship. When you’re looking for custom cabinetry in Winnipeg, cabinets from Rosehill are sure to exceed your expectations. There’s only […]

Look for CKCA Certification for Your Cabinets

The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association (CKCA) was formed in 1968 to create a forum for Canadian cabinet manufacturers, suppliers and dealers to ensure the highest level of quality and standards in the industry. Part of their commitment to this quality is to certify Canadian manufactured cabinets by thoroughly testing cabinets to ensure they meet these […]

Rosehill Woodcrafters, the ONLY CKCA Certified Cabinets in Manitoba

We’ve always bragged on the high quality of our products, now that consistently high quality has been independently certified. The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association has established a certification program that provides testing of a manufacturer’s cabinets to help consumer’s identify consistent, top quality, Canadian made cabinets from lower quality imports. Certification requires the submission of […]

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