Combining your laundry and mudroom into one space is a great example of value driven design. It is one of the most practical choices for a dual function room. In order for any dual function room to work well, it requires some careful planning and organization. The first step in this planning process is to identify the activities that will take place in this room and the types of items that will be stored there.

Since it is a laundry room, there will obviously be a washer and dryer in the room that will require utility hookups. The size and type of appliances will also need to be considered, along with the best location in the floor plan. If you want to include ironing in the plan, a fold-down ironing board, concealed in a wall cabinet can be a good choice. You’ll also need to plan for storage cabinets for laundry supplies. Upper wall cabinets are often the choice for these items. It keeps them out of the reach of small children.

Once this is established, it is time to begin looking at the rest of the room and how it will be used. As a mudroom, a seating area for removing shoes and boots should be included. This can be a built-in bench with storage underneath, or it might be a piece of furniture. You’ll also want coat hooks or a closet for hanging jackets.

After these items are established it is time to look at storage for other items that you will want to access from the backyard. It may include things like children’s yard toys, gardening gloves and winter wear. Storage cabinets can help keep all these things organized and easy to find. Proper planning of your cabinet layout will keep your laundry/mudroom from becoming cluttered and make it one of the most functional rooms in your home.

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