While mudrooms aren’t typically positioned off the main entrance of your home, they do tend to be near the entrance most commonly used by family and close friends. This means your cast-off boots and coats can create a cluttered mess at a high-traffic entry point, which will then be the first thing to greet you as you walk into your home. Organizing your mudroom with custom cabinetry and custom woodwork can greatly increase the aesthetic value of the space, while also making it more functional and efficient.

Not only does a mudroom serve as a space for storing muddy boots and heavy winter outerwear, but also a sort of catch-all for shopping bags, backpacks and briefcases. Installing custom woodwork elements, especially shelving, can make the neat and organized storage of these items much easier. Custom cabinetry also allows you to create built-in shelving and cubbies for the storage of kids’ sports equipment and other everyday items, keeping them neatly collected and ready to grab on your way out the door each day.

Taking off snowy, muddy boots at the door is the best way to avoid tracking through the house, but can be difficult when there’s no available seating. Consider custom woodwork for your mudroom that includes bench seating for the easy removal of tall, stubborn winter boots and shoes.

Maximize Storage Space
Mudrooms tend to be quite small, which means taking advantage of the available square footage will require some creative thinking. Vertical storage is almost always the most effective solution, so include bins, hooks and shelving all the way up at least one wall. Enclose it all behind custom woodwork to keep your entry looking tidy.

The addition of upgrades like custom woodwork and custom cabinetry can make a very real difference in the way you organize and maintain a mudroom. Since this room does tend to be both high-traffic and visible to guests, keeping it clutter-free and efficient is essential.

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