How many times have you been putting away groceries just to realize that you bought something that you already have an abundance of? Often the culprit is a cluttered or disorganized pantry that makes it difficult to see exactly what you have and what you actually need. By getting your pantry organized, you can save money on groceries and stop buying items that you really don’t need.

The general idea is to put like items with like items. Create shelves dedicated to similar items and make sure you can easily see at a glance what is in your pantry. Taller items should not block smaller items behind them. To make sure you are utilizing all the space in your pantry so you can organize it effectively, adding some shelves, drawers and bins can be beneficial.

While having one set of shelves that are 12-18 inches between each means you can store almost anything on any shelf, it also means you are wasting a lot of space and probably have smaller items hiding behind taller items. Add shelves that have less height separation, just right for cans and other shorter items. Organize with rows, so you can easily see what you have and how many.

For produce and breads, bins work great. Adding wire bins or drawers can save space and make it easy to see what you need. Have a bin for each item, such as one for potatoes, one for bread, one for fruit, etc.

Custom Shelves
You can maximize your pantry space with custom shelves designed for special items. Pantries can be equipped with wine bottle racks, organizers for pans and lids, and all kinds of item-specific shelves or drawers.

If you want to make the most of your pantry space or even enlarge it, our experts here at Rosehill Cabinetry can help. We can work with you to create a custom pantry space that will keep your pantry organized. No more buying food you didn’t know you already had!

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