We’ve always bragged on the high quality of our products, now that consistently high quality has been independently certified.

The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association has established a certification program that provides testing of a manufacturer’s cabinets to help consumer’s identify consistent, top quality, Canadian made cabinets from lower quality imports.

Certification requires the submission of samples by the manufacturer to an independent testing laboratory. Rosehill submitted samples from all our cabinet lines for testing. The certification process involved testing the finish for durability and visual quality and testing drawers, shelves and doors for structural strength and integrity. The certification went beyond looking at Rosehill itself, and even verified that our suppliers of materials and hardware met their standards as well. The entire battery of testing and minimum standards required for certification can be found on the CKCA website.

ALL of Rosehill’s cabinet lines now carry CKCA certification. We are the only CKCA certified cabinet manufacturer in Manitoba, and one of only eight in all of Canada.

We have always taken pride in our product and our workmanship, and did not hesitate to submit our cabinets for certification. We had full confidence in the outcome. You don’t have to take our word for it; we have the certification that attests to the quality of our product and our customer’s testimonies, which we value even more.

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