The thought of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom causes most people to shake in their boots. But the experience doesn’t have to be daunting. If you do a good job of planning and researching before you start, you’ll save yourself a bunch of headaches along the way. Here are some useful planning tips and suggestions for your next remodeling project.

Take time to visit sources of inspiration. Kitchen/bathroom showrooms, open houses and home design stores are great places to explore. Remember to take photos and notes when you spot features that tickle your fancy. When you come across a design you like, try and figure out what makes the design work for you. For example, is it the light, whimsical colour scheme? Is it the minimal cabinetry design? Perhaps it’s the well-executed lighting system? Or maybe it’s something else? Analyze the designs you like until you understand why you like them.

Have you thought about how much space you need? If you’re creating a new kitchen, consider your storage needs. How many pots and pans, plates, silverware, appliances etc. do you have? And how much space do they take up? Use this information to determine the cabinet solution that will suit your needs most. Cabinets costs generally comprise around half of the bill for your new kitchen, so it’s essential you plan them out carefully.

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