With the New Year underway, many make resolutions to achieve or complete over the next 12 months. From fitness to family goals, the resolutions range. Perhaps this year you may want to finally take the time to ask yourself if your kitchen needs updating.

At Rosehill Cabinetry, we offer kitchen cabinets to suit every budget and dream. Our three core lines of cabinetry are each distinct, and designed to give you the perfect balance between personality, lifestyle, and budget. They are the following:

These semi-custom cabinets offer a variety of cabinet options, and meet CKCA quality standards, while offering multiple finishes, countertops, and accessory options.

Market Street
This cabinet line offers full custom made cabinets that are designed and built to fit exactly into your kitchen.

This unique combination of custom built cabinetry, practicality and elegance. The Summit line overlooks the limitations of what is standard in kitchen cabinetry, and instead introduces a starting point from which you and Rosehill together can create the true kitchen of your dreams.

2014 is  set to bring new, and exciting things from us at Rosehill. We want to make your year just as wonderful. Give us a call or request a quote to start building your dream kitchen!

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Understanding Kitchen Cabinet Construction

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