Closets are notorious for becoming a mess; especially walk-in closets. Before you know it, the shelves, floor and even the hanging clothes can become disorganized and difficult to manage. However there are ways to maximize the space in your walk in closet and find a perfect spot for everything you want to store. With the use of innovative shelves, drawers and different hanging options, you can have a beautifully designed closet that is easy to keep organized.

Shelving Ideas
Many basic walk-in closets misuse much of the space by not utilizing wall space to create shelves. By creating different sizes and levels of shelves you can easily organize all your items, from shoes to sweaters. Corner shelves can make the most of this space, along with shelves that go from ceiling to floor, making room for storage containers and other shelved items.

Customized Drawers
Adding drawers to your closet space can be a great way to hide and protect your accessories. Consider having custom drawers made with dividers to hold specific items. You can have drawers with compartments for all your rolled up belts, drawers for your jewelry or even a drawer for ties.

New Hanging Options
Your hanging clothes can take up a majority of your closet space. There are new ways to customize your hangers to make more room and give you easier access to your clothes. Try bi-level hanging poles, making room for twice as many shirts and pants that are shorted in length.

By adding a few customizations to your closet, it can become not only more organized, it will give you more room for all your personal items. Everything can have its own place; making it easier to find what you are looking for and saving you time getting out the door every day.

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