Regardless of the size and space you have for your home office, you can create an area that is efficient, organized and makes the most of the space you have. The trick is to make the most of the space you have with a functional desk, shelving and storage placement. With the correct layout and organizing tools, you can have a beautiful, uncluttered workspace that will be conducive to getting your work done.

Room Layout
The centerpiece of any office will be the desk placement. Although there are power and internet sources to consider, these should not necessarily restrict where a desk is placed.

Depending on the size of the room or space, choosing a desk that is designed to fit into a corner may be the best option. Corner desks or L-shaped desks can make the most out of a small room. If you are lucky enough to have a larger office, you can choose to have your desk facing whichever direction you choose, towards the door to greet visitors or facing a window to get a nicer view.

Once you have chosen a desk placement, make sure that file cabinets and shelves are close by to hold anything that you use on a regular basis. Reduce stopping and starting projects when you have to get up continuously to retrieve or store items by making these storage areas within reach. Garbage and shredders should be close by, reserving farther away areas for decorative or non-work related items. By organizing your workspace, you can reduce clutter and keep yourself on task.

For help creating an office that is custom made for your needs, our staff at Rosehill Cabinetry can work with you to tailor your shelves and desk to fit your office space. Whether it is for your work or home office, we can design the perfect desk and workstation to maximize your space and efficiency.

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