Traditional closets are known for being space wasters. The standard closet is a narrow space along a wall. The narrow wall closet is a much more efficient use of your floor space than a walk-in closet, but it has several drawbacks.

Its major drawback is its accessibility. It is difficult to efficiently utilize the space in a typical closet because of the reach limitations that are created by the doorway. Generally, the ceiling height is a foot or more above the top of the door opening. Anything placed on shelving close to the ceiling requires careful maneuvering to put in place and remove. Because of this, the upper area of a closet is seldom utilized. It is wasted space.

The other drawback of the traditional wall closet is the negative impact that closet doors make on the overall look of a room. Bifold and sliding closet doors can distract from the beauty of a room, rather than enhance it.

Using custom closet cabinets to create your closet space can eliminate both of these issues. By using floor to ceiling cabinetry you can utilize every square foot of your entire wall space and still have easy access to every everything stored there. No wasted space near the ceiling. Each part of the wall area can be designed for maximum use of space. The use of floor to ceiling cabinetry also provides a beautiful wood finish that will increase the beauty and the value of any room.

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