A large walk-in closet offers the opportunity for total organization of your complete wardrobe, from jackets and sweaters to belts and shoes. However, having the space and having that space optimized for efficient use and organization are two different things.

Efficient use of space seldom evolves naturally; it requires a plan. For that plan to be optimal in performance, it should also take into consideration the needs of the person or persons who are going to be using the space. That’s where a custom designed closet organization system with the help of a closet expert from Rosehill becomes the perfect answer for maximizing the space in your walk-in closet.

The perfect closet for one person isn’t going to be the next person’s view of perfection nor will it be the same size of closet. One individual prefers everything to be hidden behind doors and in drawers. Another person prefers open shelves and hanging areas so they can see everything at a glance. There is no right or wrong in closet
organization, as long as the space is utilized in a way that meets your needs. Each closet and person can have the closet of their dreams built to fit both the space and their personality and style.

Mirrored doors on full length hanging areas can turn your walk-in closet into a true dressing area. Properly sized drawers with built in compartments can keep smaller items from getting lost in a jumble of other clothing pieces. Low shelves for your shoes and higher ones for your hats, just makes sense. When you have custom designed your
walk-in closet to fit your personal needs, each item in your wardrobe can have its own designated space. This makes it easier to find things and to keep your closet looking neat and orderly.

At Rosehill, we provide a full range of finishes and organizational options to transform that simple walk-in closet into a space that is not only organized, but looks beautiful as well. We encourage you to browse through some of the closet details shown on our website to gain inspiration and give us a call to arrange a home visit or stop by one of our showrooms to receive a free quote on the walk-in closet of your dreams!

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