The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association (CKCA) was formed in 1968 to create a forum for Canadian cabinet manufacturers, suppliers and dealers to ensure the highest level of quality and standards in the industry. Part of their commitment to this quality is to certify Canadian manufactured cabinets by thoroughly testing cabinets to ensure they meet these high standards. By providing this independent testing, the CKCA hopes to differentiate Canadian-made cabinets with a CKCA certification as being the standard which all Canadian cabinet makers attain to.

Why Use CKCA Certified Cabinets?
The CKCA certification process is designed to help set apart Canadian made cabinets from inferior imported cabinets. The strict guideline for testing ensures that cabinets are meet all the CKCA requirements. Some of the areas that the CKCA have tested are:

– Drawer construction
– Finish durability
– Consistency
– Overall quality

The CKCA uses an independent testing facility to which members must submit samples of their product lines for certification. Those that meet these high standards are given the coveted certification from the CKCA. Only a handful of manufacturers have had their products certified through this process in Canada, making it an honor to be among those who have qualified.

Rosehill Cabinetry is proud that we hold the distinction of being the single Manitoba cabinetmaker to achieve the highest certification available through the CKCA. We have submitted samples from all of our cabinet lines and have received the seal of approval on all of our products. It is our consistent commitment to quality in all the products we produce and install that has made this possible. The CKCA certification gives our customers assurance that our cabinets are as high in quality as they are beautiful, making them an excellent choice for any home.

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