Are their unknown ‘things’ hiding in your closet? Do you shudder every time you open the door because the ‘clutter monster’ has taken it over? Unfortunately, many of us find us in this situation from time to time. Sometimes it is because we are trying to fit too much into one closet, but many times, we just need a more organized system in our closet to make better use of the space.

Providing divisions within your closet space is a great way to accomplish this. Built-in cubbies for shoes keep them from becoming a heap on the floor. Narrow drawers for small items like scarves and socks, means you won’t need to dig through your items to find what you are looking for. Two-tiered hanging rods for your shorter items are a much better use of space than one rod that spans the entire closet. Open shelves are the best way to keep your sweaters neatly stacked and easily available, and when you enclose those shelves behind beautiful closet doors, they are more likely to stay neat and tidy.

Wouldn’t you rather have a closet that was fun and exciting to open each morning, than one that created a sense of dread? Our closet organization system can turn that scary closet into something you will want to show off to your friends.

Better Closet Organization
Kitchen Comparison – Open Shelves vs. Upper Cabinets

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