Contemporary urban dwellings are getting smaller and smaller. It has become critical to organize, save space and streamline your kitchen as much as possible. Here are some handy ideas for getting the most out of your kitchen space.

Choose appliances to fit your space. If your home doesn’t have a lot of occupants, think about installing an apartment-sized dishwasher to save some space. You can also consider a shallow-depth refrigerator. They’ll cost a little more than typical cabinet-depth refrigerators, but they’ll make your kitchen seem much more spacious.

Use roll-outs to maximize space. Most kitchens don’t make good use of the space in the base cabinets. One way to get the most from this awkward storage area is to install roll out shelves.

Hide the microwave. Most kitchens don’t have enough counter space. Why take up valuable space with a bulky microwave? Your kitchen will look much cleaner and tidier with an builtin microwave.

Get a kitchen cart. Most kitchens don’t have room for an island, but a rolling kitchen cart will provide many of the benefits of an island in a versatile format. Prepare food on it in the kitchen, roll it out as a serving table when guests arrive, then roll it away when you don’t need it anymore. There are a large variety of carts available; some even have built in cutting boards, shelves and utensil hooks on the sides.

Lighten up. If your counter tops are dimly lit or shadowy, that’s an instant way to make your kitchen look small and poky. Install under cabinet lights, loose those shadows, make the most of the counter area you have and make your kitchen feel larger. Make use of any natural light; don’t block the windows with heavy curtains or blinds. Keep walls and cabinets a light colour if you want your kitchen to feel more open.

Multi-task. If storage space is hard to come by in your kitchen, consider trying to expand what you already have. Install extra shelves or dividers to help keep your spaces rganized whilst allowing you to fit more in your existing space.

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