Unless you want to constantly wash your clothes – when you haven’t even worn them yet – you had better keep your closet clean. Allowing dust and grime to build up in your closet can result in clothes smelling less than fresh. Many people make the mistake of using polish, soapy water, abrasive cleaners and even bleach to clean the interior surfaces in their closets.

It gets pretty warm inside a closet whenever the doors are closed. Using water as a cleaner will change the humidity inside the closet, which can damage the shelving and leave clothes smelling damp. Abrasive cleaners and those which contain chemicals; such as bleach, ammonia and petroleum, are not recommended for use inside closets either.

Rosehill Cabinet Cleaner, however, is ideal for cleaning the interior surfaces of all types of closets. Spray Rosehill Cabinet Cleaner directly on to soft clean, dry cloth and wipe your cabinets clean. Our cleaner is formulated in such a way that it leaves a clean, dry surface. Because Rosehill Cabinet Cleaner does not affect the environment inside the closet, it is perfect for maintaining the recommended relative humidly of 35-55%. If your closet has mirrors or glass, Rosehill Cabinet Cleaner acts as an all in one cleaning product, too.

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