You want your home to be unique; suited to your taste and style. One of the best ways to make the most of any space is through beautiful custom-made cabinets. Rosehill Cabinetry has designed and built custom cabinets for all types of spaces, from stylish kitchens to intimate bathrooms. There are many ways that cabinets can not only add beauty, but also make the most of the space you have to work with.

rosehill_extreme_closeup-300x225Space Saving Ideas
Whether it is in your closet or your kitchen, if you have limited space to work with, custom cabinets and shelves can be the solution. One way that Rosehill differentiates itself from other cabinet companies is with their ability to design cabinets in different shapes and sizes than the industry standard. Some ideas to save on space include:

  • Hanging cabinets. Looking for more cabinets in an area lacking wall space? Consider hanging cabinets that can be put almost anywhere. Have cabinets that hang down above your kitchen island or over your breakfast bar, giving you more space.
  • Corner shelves. Rosehill can design corner shelves that are customized for the space you have. This makes use of every inch in small bathrooms and closets.
  • Hidden drawers. Hide away drawers under benches and even your bed to make more room for those bulky sweaters or extra blankets. Rosehill can build them to fit wherever you need them.


Often standard sized shelves, cabinets and drawers just do not fit where you need them to go. Rosehill can create the perfect sized cabinets to make the most of your home and unlock the space that is being wasted.

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