Spending some time thinking through your closet storage needs can be helpful in improving your closet organization. Are shoes cluttering the closet floor? How much hanging space do you really need for full-length items? Could you use some deep bins or would narrow drawers be more efficient for your accessory items?

List out the different types of items you need to fit into your closet and the type of storage you’d like for each item: hanging rod, narrow drawers, open shelves, etc. Once you’ve done this, a cabinet designer can help you put everything together into a closet custom designed for you.

By breaking up your closet space into compartments, you can fully utilize all the space from floor to ceiling. You can also arrange your items so that the things you use the most often are the most accessible, and the ‘occasional’ items are making use of the perimeter space of the closet.

With a better organized closet, you’ll find that you can actually fit more into your closet than you could before. It will also be easier to locate the items you are looking for when each part of your wardrobe has its own designated space.

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