Thinking of ripping out the old bathroom? Tired of the dated fixtures and dingy tiles? Before you get too sledgehammer happy, take a breather and seriously consider what you’re dealing with. Your bathroom may have been designed with a
function in mind that no longer suits you, which, esthetics aside, is probably at the root of your displeasure. So take a step back and consider these five things.

Function. This might seem like a no-brainer, but function will be the driving force behind your renovation plans. What will your bathroom be used for? Will one person be using it? Two? Three? Adults or children?

Spatial Elements. Break out the measuring tape and take a careful survey of the space. Don’t forget to measure the height of the wall space. Then, make a sketch of everything in its current place and analyse it for maximum utility.

Layout. Without doing major structural work, you are beholden to the existing plumbing and electrical. Note their locations as well as any other non-negotiables like windows and doors.

Fixtures. Select your fixtures according to function as well as aesthetics. You may have a crush on an elegant pedestal sink, but you shouldn’t take it home to a shared family bathroom. If you have a small bathroom or a number of people using it, look into furniture that is dual-purpose.

Storage. Bathrooms are the worst for storage. There’s that space under the sink next to the plumbing, and maybe a medicine cabinet or a couple of shelves. Decide what actually needs to be stored in the bathroom and how much space you need to store it. Custom storage units can be buit to fit awkward walls and corners, and to maximize vertical space.

New Year, New Kitchen Cabinets.

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