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Rosehill Woodcrafters was founded in 1993 in MacGregor, Manitoba by President Harvey Boehlig. From small beginnings in a one person shop, Rosehill has grown to more than 20 employees that service Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Western Ontario.

From day one, our success has been based upon the values of quality, integrity and fairness. We believe in building high quality products at a fair price that reflect our values and deliver amazing results to our customers.

Throughout Rosehill, you will find a dedicated team of professionals that truly hold our customers interests at heart. We know how important it is to find an ally you can trust to help you navigate the renovation process with patience and expertise.

With our values in mind these are the promises we make to our customers. We promise to work with you, not against you. We promise to educate you, not sell you. We promise to be there at the end as well as the beginning. We promise to deliver an experience and a product that meet the high standards we set for ourselves with no compromises.

If your considering a renovation, we would love to be your ally and work together to make your home the space you dream it can be.

Meet Our Team

At Rosehill, we have a team of resourceful sale consultants and cabinetmakers to help you design your project to suit your individual needs.

Taunia Grantham
Taunia Grantham Sales Consultant
Taunia is a sales consultant who has worked at our Winnipeg located since 2012. She enjoys photography, travel and spending time with her two young children. She is a vibrant fun lady who is sure to impress you with her unique style is home design.
Amy Tokarchuk
Amy TokarchukSales Consultant
Amy is a sales consultant at our Winnipeg located. She has been with Rosehill just over two years. Amy has a eye for design and with her sweet, elegant style you will love working with this girl! She also enjoys painting, baking and live music!
Stacey Spence
Stacey SpenceCustomer Service
Stacey has just joined us at our MacGregor location and will be on the other end of the phones answering all your customer service related questions. She is a bright and caring individual who has 20 plus years of experience and we are excited to have her!

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